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All of the Custom Designed Shoes are created by our Lead Art Designer, Anastasia. Majority of the designed shoes are customer requested, and they were designed based on customer description. 


Everything "shoes" related you see on our website is 100% done by hand, and takes hours upon hours of work. Let us take you through the whole process.


First, you want to submit your design request on the Custom Shoes page. You will be asked to include your name, email, socials and budget. You will also have the option to submit a design you'd like on the shoe incase you already have one in mind. There are no restrictions to the art, as the only restriction is your imagination. After reading through your request, all matters regarding the order will be discussed through Instagram / Twitter or Discord private messages. We like to talk to our customers face to face when discussing matters within the design, price, and shipping. Feel free to read the FAQ here.

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